Congratulations to our 96 Pioneers and Eagles of Matthias Academy! You all have individually raised the amount needed, in the timeline required, to secure your status as a Pioneer or Eagle of Matthias Academy! You will have PRIORITY enrollment as you are ready to enroll!


We are open and ready! 


I have received a large amount of emails wondering "how do I enroll my child?" "how do I get my son into your academy?" "how can my daughter be enrolled?" The answer to all of these questions is-  


Jump in. Help. Fundraise. Spread the word. Have your company match your donations. 


PLEASE Do not just sit back and wait for your child to age out of public school. Act now. It's never too early! 


The Pioneer and Eagle Parents/Guardians and Caretakers have laid down a $550,000 starting pillar for the rest of you that are now jumping in. THANK YOU!!!! 


So new parents, please go ahead, jump in. 

The fundraising requirement is $6,000 to have your child's application fee considered PAID IN FULL. As the list grows and demand increases, so will the fundraising requirement.  Click on Fundraising Pages and begin your own for your child! 

We will always need to fill the gap between government assistance and THE BEST.  That is fine, they are worth every effort. 


Here are a few answers to the questions I have received, 


"What will the cost of tuition be?" 

The cost is completely based on the needs of each student. We are an IRIS and Family Care provider and work with your case manager to keep YOUR cost as small as possible. Illinois students will be private pay also keeping the cost to parents/guardians as small as possible. The rates of Matthias Academy are $120 - $250 per day. 


"What if we raise money and change our mind and want to go somewhere else?"

Matthias Academy is a NonProfit Organization All donations made are tax deductible, therefore they are non-refundable. 


"What if my child isn't accepted into your academy and we raised our application fee?" 

Matthias Academy is committed to filling the grey area of Day Programs/Day Cares in the United States. However, we are not equipped to handle severe mental illness or extremely violent or aggressive behavior on a continuous basis that requires more than 3 staff members. We will do everything we possibly can to serve your child within reasonable accommodations and as we are safely able to do so, and help him/her achieve their best adult life possible. 


Thank you for understanding that this is an effort of ALL OF US. The Board, Attorneys and I are doing our part, but this type of one of a kind opportunity needs funding to make it exactly that. ONE OF A KIND. 


Thank you for believing in this much needed mission and understanding that quality is expensive.